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Youth Climate Council Ghana Appoints Communications Officer.

Youth Climate Council Ghana (YCC) has appointed Kwabena Ameyaw as Communications and Outreach Officer with immediate effect. The appointment is in line with YCC Ghana’s strategy to unify and strengthen climate activism in Ghana.

In his role, Mr. Ameyaw will lean on years of experience in media and advocacy across various platforms – with stints at TV Africa, MX24 TV, MOZO TV, IESI Africa and the Climate Insight.

Kwabena Ameyaw will oversee the YCC Secretariat’s communication needs by providing technical coordination including media relations, social/digital media, brand alignment, multi-media productions, development of strategic communications for both internal and external audiences.

He will be responsible for community management and ensuring that the services provided by the YCC reach as many youth climate activists and youth-focused organizations as possible.

Profile of Kwabena Ameyaw
Kwabena Ameyaw is a Ghanaian journalist and media content developer. He is the founder and Editor of Ghana’s foremost Climate-focused news website-The Climate Insight. He worked as a News Anchor/Producer at TV Africa and MX24 TV. He also served as a Senior Correspondent for Zambian-based MOZO TV. He worked as a Communications Specialist for the Institute for Environment and Social Innovation. His long-standing passion for journalism has seen him work in different capacities across TV, online and print media. He is a 2021 Innovate4Climate Media Fellow

An alumnus of the London School of Journalism and United Nations Institute for Training and Research. Kwabena Ameyaw also received media training from ijourno Africa, Thomson Foundation, Environmental Protection Agency and the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Background of Youth Climate Council
The Youth Climate Council (YCC) is an institutional mechanism to enhance inclusion and accessibility for the youth climate movement in climate and environmental decision-making processes. Implemented by the Green Africa Youth Organization, the YCC Ghana aims to provide an official avenue for youth-led organizations, individuals and civil society to participate in policy despite their geographic location or resource constraints. At the same time, it aspires to be a hub to share resources and expertise and provide financial, technical and knowledge resources. We aim to contribute to building a unified and collaborative movement in Ghana that delivers a high positive impact for the collective across Africa and the Global South.

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