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Temperatures are set to rise – Ghana Meteo. Agency warns

Heat Wave

The Ghana Meteorological Agency has issued an advisory on high temperatures in Ghana. In a press release cited by The Climate Insight, the GhMet affirmed that maximum temperature range of 33 degrees to 37 degrees and 36 degrees to 42 degrees are expected over the southern and northern halves of Ghana respectively.

The Ghana Meteorological Agency further warned that the high temperatures poses health risks to the public especially the vulnerable. They advised the public to take the following precautions.

1. Stay hydrated

2. Find a shade or use umbrellas during peak sunshine hours (11am to 3pm)

3. Opt for light weight and light coloring clothing.

4. Apply sunscreen when spending extended hours outdoors.

5. Keep an eye on children, elderly and people with pre-existing health conditions.

6. Limit outdoors activities during peak hours.

The public are advised to seek medical attention where necessary. According to Ghana Meteo. Agency, this period coincide with the transition from dry season to major rainy season for southern Ghana.

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Emmanuel Ameyaw

Emmanuel Ameyaw is the Founder and Editor of Ghana's foremost Climate-focused news website-The Climate Insight. He has over 5 years experience in journalism across local and international media. He worked as Editor at TV Africa and MX24 TV. He also served as a Senior Correspondent for Zambian based – MOZO TV. He has published articles on climate change and its impact on communities across major news outlets. He covered major climate conferences notably COP27, COP28, Blue Earth Summit 2022 etc.

This extensive work has earned him recognition, including the Global Investigative Journalism Conference Fellowship 2021, World Bank Innovate4Climate Media Fellowship 2021 and CJID West Africa Climate Change Fellowship 2022 and the Clean Air Reporting Fellowship 2023. He is a member of the prestigious Oxford Climate Journalism Network and Earth Journalism Network.

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